2017 Regional Champs Picton 2nd and 3rd December

These Champs are held alternatively in Nelson and Picton. This year they are in Picton

Contact Richard commordore.qcyc@gmail.com or Dave lts.qcyc@gmail.com if you need assistance, guidance or help with the Regatta

Rainbow fleet, there are races for you and the racing is in plastic boats and inside the harbour in front of the club.

Green fleet in fiberglass boats sailing inside the harbour in front of the club.

All other classes will be sailing outside, two boats make a class, if there are fewer entries the yardstick system will be used.

This Regatta is for all ages from our 8 year old Rainbow Sailor to our 67 year old Senior Sailor, come and enhance the QCYC Spirit.


QCYC Members Click here and log in. Then Purchase the regatta entry required.

Click here for Provisional Results.(Green and Rainbow to come)

Click here for Provisional Results Green and Rainbow Fleet.

Click here for the Sailing Instructions.

Click here for the Notice of Race.

Click here for Non QCYC Members to enter Nelson Marlborough Champs (Under 18 years Old)

Click here for Non QCYC Members to enter Nelson Marlborough Champs (Over 18 years Old)

Click here for Non QCYC Members to enter P and Starling South Island Championships

Note if you enter the South Island P & Starling South Island Championships you will be also entered in the Nelson Marlborough Championships. (One Entry Both Events.)

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