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QCYC Learn to sail courses and Rainbow Coaching

Junior Instructors Roster 2018/2019


Junior instructors are a vital part of learn to sail courses and Saturday morning rainbow coaching sessions.

This year the club is trying to be more organised about rostering junior instructors for both LTS and rainbow coaching. The idea being the roster will enable families to plan ahead and the coach will not need to search high and wide for last minute assistance.

Those junior instructors who have recently completed their instructor course or have proven to be helpful instructors have each been assigned to assist Tom on one of the four LTS courses the club runs this season.

There are at least two two instructors assigned to each course. If this is not adequate we will work with Tom and other junior instructors to fill the gap.

The Saturday morning rainbow coaching has also a minimum of 2 instructors assigned each week. The junior instructors are expected to communicate amongst themselves and to coordinate with the Coach if there is and change to the rostered program.

Each group has been assigned 6 rainbow sessions. The length of these sessions will vary depending on circumstances but it is envisaged that they will not impact on your ability to sail in normal Saturday club regattas

As a Junior Instructor you are expected to be at the club before the children to help launch boats and assist families to access optis and rig as required. During the course the coach will ask for assistance in teaching, for example on the simulator.

You are also expected to stay after the course to assist putting the boats away and support new families to feel part of our club.