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The Officer of the Day is responsible for organising the day’s sailing. The Sailing Committee has drafted an OD Roster based on last year’s membership. It is the Officer of the Day’s responsibility to ensure the effective delivery of the OD duties. If you are not available on your rostered day then it is your responsibility to find a competent replacement to perform the OD tasks. Please advise the Sailing Secretary or Commodore of any changes. While the roster is the preferred option, members may be asked to act or assist as Officer of the Day or as Officer of the Day Assistant on race days. The OD and Assistant OD roster is included on the QCYC Sailing Calendar.


The Officer of The Day (OD) is responsible for organising the day’s sailing. The Vice Commodore will draw up a roster for Officer of the Day and responsibilities for the sailing season.


  • Check that starters / judges will be on hand on the sailing day.

  • Check weather and marine forecast before setting course for day.

  • Appoint drivers responsible for individual patrol boats. Number required will depend on course venue, expected fleet size and weather.

  • Discuss course requirements with senior skippers if necessary.

  • Contact Picton Harbour Radio (channel 18) if necessary to ascertain shipping movements.

  • Post courses on course board in Patrol Boat Shed by midday, earlier if possible.

  • Arrange for Launching of patrol boats Laying of marks Briefing of all sailors / on water assistants

  • Determine the time for sailors to go on the water "D flag"

  • Keep the racing rolling and run to time.

  • Sign on / sign off sheets Supervise racing from shore or on water.

  • Be prepared to shorten courses / call protest committee etc.

  • Ensure all boats, marks and other equipment is properly cleaned and put away. Report any damage to patrol boats to the Commodore or Safety Officer.

  • Complete Safety QCYC Safety Boat Web App. 

  • Assist and check the results with the Start Box staff.

  • Sign off as to completeness of procedures - ie all sailors off the water safely!

  • Have a well deserved drink for a job well done.