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QCYC Subscriptions 2021-2022.


At the special general meeting of the Queen Charlotte Yacht, Club held on the 15th of August 2021, the meeting gave a clear mandate to retain the existing membership structure and subscription levels and not to reduce the fees or broaden the the membership classifications.

The subscriptions for the 2021-2022 season are as per the following;


Senior Membership, 18 years or older as at the date of the Annual General Meeting  (29th May 2021). (1 vote for this membership.)

             Subscription $300 (Including your Husband / Partner / wife)

             Subscription $250 if it is for yourself only ( You do not have a Husband / Partner / Wife)


Supporter Membership, (Social)  18 years or older as at the date of the Annual General Meeting  (29th May 2021). No voting rights and cannot hold office, but enjoys the privileges of the club without racing.

             Subscription $75 


Country Membership, The member must be living beyond the Marlborough region and is entitled to the privileges of the club, except holding office and is entitled to race up to six time with the Club in that season..

             Subscription $75


Family Membership, A family is defined as any two person, including parents or persons acting in loco parentis, with children under the age of 18 at the date of the AGM (29th May 2021) and who live as a family unit. (1 vote for this membership) 

             Subscription $350, reduced to $250 if the first sailor is a graduate from the QCYC 2020-2021 season  learn to sail program.


Life Membership, Any member may become a Life Member, free of further subscription, on payment of twenty times the annual senior subscription for the time being and he or she shall enjoy the privileges of the Club. This membership is non-transferable or refundable

             Subscription $6000


Restricted Youth Membership, Must be a paid up member of the Marlborough Colleges Sailing Club. This membership has no voting rights or other club privileges other than the use of the changing rooms and racing with another member of QCYC.

             Subscription $75 



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. My child is now over 18 of age years, what subscription do they need?   Parents no longer have any of the rights or responsibilities that come from being a guardian once the child's age reaches 18. This is the age where a sailor has their own membership with the club and it is not required to have parental involvement or responsibility for them during club activities. So if you are a Parent and have one Young Adult 18years or over then both you and your 18year or older child will need a Senior Subscription each.
  2. My Son has just turned 18 yeas of age March this year, he has just started work and not earning much?   From his age he is a Senior Member, sign up as a Senior Member and apply to the club in writing for some subscription relief, details outlined below. 
  3. We have a large family and find the fees a struggle to pay? QCYC understands that sailing can be a drain on the families cash flow and what to do the best they can to assist families into sailing, especially the families where parents demonstrate a willingness and devotion to volunteering and helping at regattas and generally helping the club out. Step one sign up to your membership, coaching and what you need for the season. You can then apply in writing to pay the fees off by Automatic payment instalment, or in special circumstances apply for some fee relief. Details below.
  4. I am passionate about our club, I hold office, and my young adults are now older than 18years. I need to be a full member of the club to hold office, what do I do ? Correct, to hold office or be on a committee you need to be a full member, QCYC recognises the commitment members put in to make our club run effectively. Sign up to be a Senior Member and apply for subscription relief, details below.
  5. We are a family, how many votes do we get? A Family is one membership and gets one vote, this is also the same for a Senior membership, and Life membership. If you wish your wife / partner / husband to also have a vote you need to purchase an additional membership.
  6. We would like to make a cash donations to the club, how do we do this ? QCYC is a registered charity and any donation to the club can be claimed off your personal income tax. The Club will issue a Donnee Tax receipt on receipt of the donation. 
  7. Our family has a starling sailor and a optimist sailor and what to train in the weekly coaching and store a boat in the shed, what do I need to purchase? This will be a family unit if under the age of 18years and live as a family unit. The family will need a family subscription, register each sailor for coaching and purchase boat shed storage for each boat to be stored. QCYC understands that this can add up to quite a drain on some family's finances and has the payment options outlined above.