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Patrol Boat Safety System & Health and Safety.

CT 00 Maritime New Zealand Certificate of Exemption.

PR 00 Procedures Overview.

PR 01 Emergency Procedures - General.


DR 01 RIB Maintenance Log.

DR 02 Training Register.

DR 03 Area of Operation


SMS 01 Safety Management System.

SMS 02 Safety Objectives.

SMS 03 Crisis Management Plan.

SMS 04 Blank (WIP).

SMS 05 Hazard Management.

SMS 06 Incidents.

SMS 07 Emergency Preparedness and Response.

SMS 08 Support Boat Operation.

SMS 09 Regatta Support Boat Instructions.

SMS 10 Regatta Official / Patrol Boat Instructions.

SMS 11 Communication (WIP).

SMS 12 Cancelling / Postponing Sailing, Foul Weather.

SMS 13 Specific Activity Management Plan.

SMS 14 Legal and other Requirements.

SMS 15 Environment and Marine Strategy.


SMS F1 Incident Report Form. 

SMS F2 Patrol Boat Assessment.

SMS F2A Patrol Boat Regatta Induction.

SMS F3 Patrol Boat Trainer Requirements.


APP 01 Patrol Boat Recommended Training Syllabus.

APP 02 Patrol Boat Club Course Outline.

APP 03 Link to Patrol Boat Usage Log.


(WIP) Indicated Work In Progress).

"SC" is Sailing Committee.

"EC" Executive Committee.

"HC" House Committee.